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Dear Future Parents:


     It is with great pleasure and honor that I welcome you to the wonderful experience of Rising Stars JrVersity Child Development Center!  The name “Rising Stars JrVersity” was not an arbitrary selection for this fine learning institution.  As the founders of RSJ, we intend to build a center that provides a quality and sound approach to your child's beginning education.  

    RSJ has developed from a dream to a plan and reality.  Opening its doors in February 2016. RSJ is a safe institution providing quality care and education. RSJ teachers and staff are dedicated to the School’s Mission, Goals, and Value Statement.  We are endeavoring to strengthen our Parent-Teacher Group to ensure the overall success of RSJ.  One consistent and valuable tool guaranteeing the success of the Center is its utilization of volunteers and other resources, which include the strong support of the Southside Church of Christ located in the city of Durham.

    RSJ provides care for ages Infants through 12 years old. We believe you will find us a developing institution, and with growth, adjustments are often made to support positive change.  Rest assured, however, that the quality of service we intend to provide is one of excellence.  We strive to provide the best quality education and service to our students, you as a parent, and the church and community as beneficiaries and supporters.

     Your presence and the presence of your child at RSJ will be rewarding for you and the Center.  Your child is expected to overgrow, and we invite you to watch, participate in, and appreciate this growth. Students are highly motivated to perform well and to complete their tasks when parents are involved in their academic endeavors. You are certainly welcome to participate in this activity with them.

      We look forward to working with you positively and cooperatively as your child embarks on this life-enhancing experience.  We commend you for choosing RSJ for your child’s beginning education.



Ashley Winters, M.Ed             Executive Director


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